Monthly Archives: November 2014

Increase Conversation Rates

The tactics game: increase conversion rates from email marketing Data is key. Analyse it, optimise it and use its latent energy to power the content of your emails. Create an enjoyable journey that will lead customers straight to your door. The following is a brief overview of some proven tactics to increase conversation rates email…

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The Importance Of Data

Taming the Data Diva Is data like the genes we were born with? We know it’s important and we all have it, but do we really understand how it works? Striving for those perfect returns, we create stunning and strong marketing campaigns that we just know will change the world, if only our customers saw…

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Email Appending Benefits

Email is one of the most powerful tools in any marketing strategy. It is current, track-able and an efficient method for increasing response rates and ROI. However, an email campaign is only as good as the data set used. If your data is out of date, how do you expect your messages to reach your…

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