About What’sAppending?

Over the years we have formed the opinion that often companies are too quick to abandon their databases because they aren’t able to be used effectively enough to meet their objectives. As time moves on, we find that most companies’ data doesn’t move on with it. Technology develops, customer buying habits change yet the customer database gets neglected and handed to someone to ‘manage’, with no real purpose or reason as to what they’re expected to do with it. One of the biggest changes has been around data capture methods, more recently there’s been a move to capturing more data online. Although this is generally a good thing, it begs the question; what do you do with the legacy of old data built up through more traditional methods? What you do with old data depends very much on the value, or potential value, you place on it. Ask yourself:

“If only I had collected their email address as well as their name, and could send email campaigns to them, would that person have bought my products by now?”

What’sAppending? provides the means to add a wealth of information to your current contact database, allowing you to contact customers and prospects in a variety of ways. This is proven to increase your revenue and customer retention rates. This is actually a range of services banded together under one umbrella with the ultimate goal of increasing the value and therefore revenue generated from your current database. We can work with B2B data, as well as data on Consumers both UK wide and even globally. Each service focuses on appending a particular piece of information based on your objectives and the information you currently hold. With the help of one of our appending experts, it’s finally possible to have a bespoke service focused on helping you achieve your individual company goals.