Alternative Contact Appending

What and Why?

Adding new alternative contacts to your lists is extremely powerful. Often we find that the contact you once knew has since left, or is no longer appropriate for you. In this situation you’re back to the phone trying to find their successor and strike up a new relationship. Our service takes this hardship away. It gives you a route to a new contact as well as the chance to reach multiple contacts within the same company, all of which lead to a greater return from your now enhanced database.

What do we need from you?

Firstly we need to know who you want to contact – what would their role / function be within the business. Minimum information: Company name, Postal address. Additional preferred information: Company Reg Number, Telephone number, Previous contact’s name.

What is the process?

In a similar approach to email appending, for alternative contact appending first we match against our global pool of B2B companies and contacts. Once a match is determined, we perform a full verification of each address using our in-house service, Emailinspector, ensuring that every new record you receive is 100% accurate and up-to-date. Therefore providing additional routes to known markets, without the gamble of purchasing new data sets.

What is the success rate?

Similar to the success rate of email appending, each file varies depending on it’s age, source and the information currently held. However, we regularly achieve between 40-70% contact append on UK files, and up to 20-55% on global databases.


Enquire about Alternative Contact Appending Pricing

You are only charged for alternative contacts successfully appended and verified to your database.

For a no obligation alternative contact appending quote contact us today.