Postal Address Appending

What and Why?

Having the correct postal address for clients and prospects on your databases allows you to run effective multi-channel marketing campaigns and improve ROI.

Incorrect addresses on your file lead to wasted money on direct mail campaigns. Postal Address Appending adds the correct valid Postal Address to company and contact records on your database, returning a better response from your marketing.

What do we need from you?

The minimum information we ask for is Company Name, however Contact Name, Telephone number and Company Reg Number would increase the match rate.

What is the process?

After the data is transferred to us, our data team run it past our master appending universe and look for matches based on the information. We will also run your data past the Postal Address File (PAF) which is produced and updated by Royal Mail.

What is the success rate?

We regularly achieve postal address append rates of 80%+ on UK data sets and around 50%+ on projects globally.


Enquire about Business Postal Address Appending

You are only charged for each unique correct postal address appended to your database. 

For a no obligation postal address appending quote contact us today.