Consumer Data Appending

The ability to communicate with your current and prospective customers efficiently and through a multitude of methods is vital in order to maximise ROI from all marketing. If any of this contact information is missing, or if you simply don’t know anything about your customers, then the marketing you can undertake is limited.

Knowing where your customers live, what they do for a living & how much they earn as well as having all contact details on your database  allows for targeted cross channel marketing.

Providing targeted messages with relevant content will lead to greater respect from your audience.

Using data we append, you can open new communication channels with your customers and benefit from improved customer acquisition and retention.

How does Consumer Data Appending work?

We can enhance your consumer database by filling in the gaps with an array of contact information such as Email, Postal Address, Telephone number along with demographic profiling such as Marital, Employment and Homeowner status or Interests and Social Profiling.

This will empower you with everything you need to make a success out of your marketing efforts.

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