Email Appending

What and Why?

We all know that email marketing can be a more cost effective channel to reaching your customers compared with direct mail and telephone marketing strategies. However it will only work if you hold the valid email addresses for your customers.

“If only I had taken an email address as well as their postal info, would they have bought from me by now?”

Email appending is the process of matching email addresses to the contacts you currently hold on your database and will allow you to communicate with your customers more effectively.

What do we need from you?

The more information you can provide us, the better the match rate will be. As a minimum we require; Full forename, Full surname, Address line 1, Postcode. Preferred additional information; Telephone number, Full address

What is the process?

Firstly, we match your database against our proprietary, opted-in data universe of over 13 million records. Following this,we match against a pool of authorised third party sources totalling over 80 million records. This gives you the widest coverage of consumer data available for append.

Once complete we can send a ‘permission pass’ message to the contacts before returning your data complete with all available matches. Prior to releasing the file, we pass all records through our in-house email verification process, ensuring you only pay for valid email addresses.

What is the success rate?

Each file is different, we are able to perform a match test on part or all of your file to give you an accurate idea of the match expected. We regularly achieve email append rates of 70%+ on UK data sets and around 50%+ on projects globally.


Enquire about Consumer Email Appending 

You are only charged for email addresses successfully appended and verified to your database. 

For a no obligation consumer email appending quote contact us today.