Telephone/Mobile Appending

What and Why?

Telephone and certainly mobile numbers are unique to a contact. The addition of them to your file gives you a direct method of communication to maintain contact with your customers and prospective customers.

Telephone appending adds valid telephone numbers to your contacts so you can begin additional marketing activities such as follow up calls from email or postal campaigns. If your list is missing mobile numbers, we can also append these, giving you a direct line to your customer via SMS.

What do we need from you?

As a minimum we require; First initial, Full Surname, Postcode. Preferred additional information; Full Forename, Full Address.

What is the process?

Firstly, supply your database to us (we recommend that you transfer data through our secure online portal). Once we receive your database, we will match our appending database against it, returning the number of telephone and mobile numbers we can append.

From here, we will run it past the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) which is a register for individuals to object to direct marketing calls. You will then receive your database complete with appended telephone numbers.The file would usually be returned within 4 working days through our online secure portal.

What is the success rate?

We regularly achieve telephone/mobile append rates of 70%+ on UK data sets and around 50%+ on projects globally.


Enquire about Consumer Telephone/Mobile Appending

You are only charged for each unique telephone number appended to your database. If a mobile and landline is requested and found, each will be charged for. 

For a no obligation consumer telephone or mobile appending quote contact us today.