Imagine a world where you could remember everything and how easy your life would be – especially in business.

Marketers have enough on their plate as it is and remembering every tiny aspect of your job is an unrealistic expectation. When it comes to data, cleaning and updating a current client or prospect database is a task that some WANT to forget which is understandable. But then again, how much value do you place in your clients? Jeff Bazos, CEO of Amazon says that in order to be successful we must start with the customer and work backwards. But how is this possible if the channel of communication between you and your customer is  disconnected? How do you reach the buried treasure?

It all begins with data. I know, you’re sick of hearing it but believe the hype because we are living in a data obsessed industry and for a good reason. It is the holy grail of successful marketing because it is the first stepping stone of the buyer journey. Data appending makes this possible by replacing invalid, misplaced or forgotten details with the most up to date information on the market.

It is a process which identifies the company or the individual (right down to the name) you are looking to target and gives you the gift of an email address, a telephone number, a postal address. It’s a gift that keeps on giving by guiding your client into the next stage of the buying process and as a result you can expected a higher volumes of opens and clicks and the phone ringing off the hook. It also calls for a better reputation with your ESP since your new and improved customer details are actually valid and for once your bounce rates will not resemble something that is going to get you blacklisted.

So, do you remember that long list of companies who bought from you X years ago that you never stayed in touch with? Chances are your contact has left the business and you have to start from the bottom once more. Well, let us give you a little leg up.

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