Populate Customer Data Files

Adding targeted data in place of out of date information has been proved to be more efficient at increasing open rates and cutting costs when it comes to email marketing.

Purchasing and mailing to mass email lists is an outdated concept in the age of data enhancement because it prioritises quantity over quality. Consider sending a campaign large volume of cold prospects over mailing a lower volume of hot, valuable leads. It’s a no brainer.

Cleansing and updating your current client database provides multiple channels of communication to companies who have already purchased from you which means you reach the right person through every email delivery.

Missing telephone numbers? We have them.

Old contacts email addresses bounced? We know who has replaced them in their role.

No company details? We can find them.

There are a number of attributes available to append to your customer database, get in touch to see what else we can do for you.

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What’sAppending? this April, including some great offers…

It’s the new financial year for many businesses and a great time to prepare for the coming year. At What’sAppending? we aim to help raise the awareness and importance of Email and Data Appending.

The good news is data appending is easier than you might think and helps:

  • Correct and add any missing details to your customer database
  • Populate or complete any dataset on a global scale
  • Reignite hot prospects from dated marketing lists

You can learn more about appending on our website.

Alternatively, call 0845 467 4115 to speak with an account manager who will happily advise you and answer any questions you may have.


iwatchTwo reasons to test appending this April…

  1. See how appending could help your business with a free match test.
  2. Get a complimentary gift with orders over £5,000 this April, including GoPro’s, iPads and Apple Watches!

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Are you finding it difficult to find new ways to talk to your customers? We suspect the answer may be yes and database enhancement can help. 

If you have a contact database that has gone a little out of date we can help. Emailmovers can append email addresses, telephone numbers, postal addresses and much much more to promote customer loyalty and help you effectively communicate and build lasting relationships with your customers.

Append email addresses – Re-target old clients through the cheapest medium of marketing – email!

Append telephone numbers – Stats say that a follow up call within 5 minutes of an email being received is 9 times more likely to convert the prospect

Alternative contact appending – If your contact has left the company we can find who has replaced them right down to the job title.

B2C Appending – For a more personal approach, append lifestyle data including buyer behaviour, age, gender, hobbies, interests and much more.

Reverse Append – Does your file contain email addresses only? We work backwards too!

Database enhancement is the first step to success by re-engaging with valuable prospects. We combine a one to one, client to account manager approach with our team of highly qualified data executives in data analytics, data processing, and direct marketing. Through intelligent technology and innovative solutions we provide a professional service from start to finish.

Get in touch for a free match report showing the datasets we can add to your customer database.


Forgotten something important?

In the run up to Christmas it can be so easy for your attention to slip away from updating your email data lists and when the time comes to send your campaigns, the bounce rates are ho-ho-horrendous.

Clients that buy repeatedly should be a priority for any marketer as they are the foundation of a successful business. These are the clients who love and trust your product so why do we allow their contact details to decay and the doors of communication to close?

Well deck the halls and throw those doors back open because WhatsAppending knows that your contact details are either missing or out of date and in need of replacing. We can do this by using your current data to match against our global file of over 100 million B2B and B2C and replace the gone-aways so you can re-target clients that you lost details for.

Send us your list now for a FREE match test and avoid the naughty list this Christmas.

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