In the data industry, moving with the times is paramount. If you can’t roll with the punches, don’t expect to win the fight.

Because of this, marketers are extremely busy people. Like a superhero, magician or octopus, they must have the ability to do everything at once under a lot of pressure to deliver great results at the lowest possible cost.   

So when landed with an old client database to enhance with a goal to reignite and generate repeat business, on top of everything else, quality of work is often overlooked and price takes priority. Why?

Sadly, many in the industry believe that  a job done quick and cheap will produce the same results as something priced slightly higher that takes a little longer but who can be blamed for trying to get a good deal?

Well, no one but more fool you if you think that the above is possible. Data enhancement (appending and cleansing), if done properly, takes time to achieve the best results.

Both sides are to blame for poor quality work; marketers are so focused on getting the best value for money that they forget to ask the important questions. Salespeople sometimes represent a service that they know their client may face problems with, but need the sale to meet their target. 

data enhancementMore often than not, clients contact me with a goal in mind but are unaware of the alternative methods we have available that would better suit their situation. They insist they need a price without allowing me to explain the differences between the solutions we can provide and end the conversation by saying they ‘will be in touch’ – closed lost.

When I get back in touch with these clients after they used my lower priced competitor, it is no surprise that they didn’t receive the service that was expected and this is where I obtain most of my clients. Slow and steady wins the race! 

My advice to any marketer seeking database solutions or data enhancement would be the following:

  • Do shop around for the best price, the data world is your oyster.
  • Do ask questions; it says good things that you want to know what you’re paying for. If the service doesn’t sound like it’s right for you at least you have conversed with a human being. Conversation is wonderful and what you make of it so chat away!
  • Don’t shy away from a high price in the beginning. Once you’ve asked the questions and made a decision based off of the quality of the work THEN visit price. As a salesperson, I love negotiating with clients! It makes for a healthy debate and increases your skill set. 

My advice to a salesperson selling to a marketer:

  • Know your product. Yes you may slip up sometimes and forget some answers to certain questions in which case you should always make the effort to find out. Be honest with your client, it will be appreciated.
  • ALWAYS have your clients best interests in mind. A quick sale without listening to what the client wants means problems later on down the line. Look after your client and they will remember you the next time they have a similar project to complete. 
  • Ask about your client’s budget so you can come to an agreement that suits you both. Again, negotiating is healthy and a sale at a lower price than you originally quoted is better than no sale at all. 

If you’re unsure of what you may need in terms of data enhancement including email cleansing or data appending get in touch at or call 0845 467 4115 for a chat!

Evie Simpson

Imagine a world where you could remember everything and how easy your life would be – especially in business.

Marketers have enough on their plate as it is and remembering every tiny aspect of your job is an unrealistic expectation. When it comes to data, cleaning and updating a current client or prospect database is a task that some WANT to forget which is understandable. But then again, how much value do you place in your clients? Jeff Bazos, CEO of Amazon says that in order to be successful we must start with the customer and work backwards. But how is this possible if the channel of communication between you and your customer is  disconnected? How do you reach the buried treasure?

It all begins with data. I know, you’re sick of hearing it but believe the hype because we are living in a data obsessed industry and for a good reason. It is the holy grail of successful marketing because it is the first stepping stone of the buyer journey. Data appending makes this possible by replacing invalid, misplaced or forgotten details with the most up to date information on the market.

It is a process which identifies the company or the individual (right down to the name) you are looking to target and gives you the gift of an email address, a telephone number, a postal address. It’s a gift that keeps on giving by guiding your client into the next stage of the buying process and as a result you can expected a higher volumes of opens and clicks and the phone ringing off the hook. It also calls for a better reputation with your ESP since your new and improved customer details are actually valid and for once your bounce rates will not resemble something that is going to get you blacklisted.

So, do you remember that long list of companies who bought from you X years ago that you never stayed in touch with? Chances are your contact has left the business and you have to start from the bottom once more. Well, let us give you a little leg up.

Get in touch for a chat.

Evie Simpson

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data appending


Well you should – It is the key to staying in touch and retaining valuable customers. That’s why when client records decay, you must replace and update them in order to survive the marketing gauntlet!

At WhatsAppending? we can help by sourcing pieces of information that you are struggling to find. Using technology, we can match specific data to your file including email addresses, telephone numbers and even alternative contacts opening new doorways of communication between you and your clients.

We know it’s not easy to maintain a database, so if your CRM is a tomb of ancient records, then get in touch with us through the What’sAppending? website or call 0845 467 4115.

whatsappendingDon’t worry – everyone forgets!

Sometimes we forget things when we’re in a rush – like important pieces of customer information!

The excitement of acquiring a new client can mean that some salespeople forget to make a note of vital customer details like email addresses, telephone numbers and even full name.

When the time comes to get in touch with these contacts it can be difficult to properly reconnect. If you have a database that is missing something important, What’sAppending? can help.

Using our Global reach of over 200 million Business and Consumer email addresses we can find the information you need and help rebuild your database.

For more information and a free data audit call 0845 467 4115 to see how we can fix your marketing blunders.