Email Appending Benefits

Email Appending BenefitsEmail is one of the most powerful tools in any marketing strategy. It is current, track-able and an efficient method for increasing response rates and ROI. However, an email campaign is only as good as the data set used. If your data is out of date, how do you expect your messages to reach your target audience? The benefits of email appending cannot be ignored.  

With constant technological advances and accelerated rates of change, data quality is the key to effective email marketing. An accurate data list accounts for 60% of a campaign’s success. The best method for achieving this is by e-appending.

Email appending, or the matching and adding of missing emails to your existing customer records, is a quick and efficient solution to data issues. Email appending benefits are vast, with an accurate database you can grow revenues and improve customer retention. What better audience for your latest products and services than your existing customer base?

You can therefore optimise online marketing efficiency by effectively managing your data. 46% of UK consumers purchase a product or service after receiving a marketing email. Targeted customer loyalty campaigns have a 40% higher open rate and 59% of B2B marketers list email as the most reliable tool to generate revenue. However, it is estimated that 30% of data goes out of date every year. Routine appending will enrich your data and add new customers to your existing database.

Email Appending Benefits:

– Reduce costs. Routine appending helps to reduce marketing costs by driving more traffic to your website, lessening the need for other expensive marketing activities.

– Increase campaign efficiency and reach huge volumes of your audience simultaneously. If you are sitting on a database full of holes and running around trying to market to an audience without correct contact details, you are wasting time.

– Maximise your ROI. Quality data results in more emails in inboxes, more people reading your carefully created campaigns and ultimately, increased sales.

– Improve customer service. You already have customers interested in your brand. Understand and nourish these relationships. Add value to your customer experience with regular, targeted communications.

– Widen campaign audience. Increase revenue from your existing relationships and grow new channels.

– Protect your sender reputation. Ensure you comply with anti-spam laws, keeping your current and future emails unblocked and accessible. We match against opted-in email addresses.

Ultimately, this is your data; you own it. We simply add what’s missing and keep it in tip-top condition.

We offer two e-appending services:

1.        Standard automated match. We append against our database of 100 million opted-in email addresses. On average this gives an immediate fill of 50% +.
2.        Advanced manual append. A desk and tele-research solution. On average this yields a 75%+ fill.

We routinely achieve append rates of 70% or more on data sets in the UK, 50%+ in EU, USA and emerging markets, China, Japan, UAE and Africa.

You only pay for the emails we append to your database. The turnaround time on all email appending work is from 48 hours.

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